Beachside Videos from France!

So I know I still owe you last month’s song, but until I get it recorded I thought I’d tide you over with a couple of videos. I went to France this month because, astonishingly, it was way cheaper than traveling in Scotland.
The only down side was that I couldn’t bring my guitar, or it would have cost another £90-odd. I figured I’d try to rent one when I arrived, or otherwise just make do without. But the thing is that I’m terrible at writing songs with no instrument!

I had no luck finding a guitar in Carcassonne, so I hopped my train to the coast.

My second day there I went out for a walk and it started pouring with rain, just absolutely chucking it down. I was about an hour’s walk from where I was staying, so I just continued on, hoping to find a cafe or something to get out of the wet. EVERYTHING was closed. A beach town in the middle of nowhere, in the off season, on a rainy Thursday morning.
No. Chance.

At length I ventured a wee way off the boardwalk, thinking I might at least see another human I could ask for directions to any unlocked indoor space. The first human I saw happened to be opening the door of his cafe! I was a jerk and stayed for two hours, drying off and using the wifi, meanwhile buying a solitary bottle of Perrier. And then I spotted a guitar leaning up against a wall.
My French being atrocious (sure I took it for 8 years in school, but somehow the single semester I took of German has forever insinuated itself into my subconscious, such that every time I try to speak French, all the wee connecting words of my sentences come out in German), I resorted to Google Translate and managed to ask whether I might be able to rent the guitar for the evening. In the end, I played a few songs for the cafe’s 5 enthusiastic patrons, and the owner gave me both the guitar and a binbag to tie over it on my rainy walk home. He refused all money or ID, trusting me to bring it back the following day. As he explained, it was a £40 from Lidl and he couldn’t care less what happened to it.
I couldn’t believe my luck!
I got soaked all over again as I walked home, but the sun appeared long enough for me to have a seat on some handy driftwood and record a couple of videos. There’s some muffling due to the wind, and bugs kept landing on my face and hands and distracting the heck outta me, AND I had to do loads of takes because loudmouthed French people kept wandering into the background, talking and laughing and generally being super inconsiderate. But in the end, I managed, and here’s the proof.


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  1. Krista says:

    Haha same with me with the German – one semester totally wrecked any French that I had learned!
    Your videos are adorable and made me cry because it feels like forever since you were here. Xo


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