Song for October: “In A Tenement House”

So, so late.

What can I say? The summer and early fall were full of travel and full of change, and it’s taken me a while to catch up.
My beautiful flat is being sold, so it looks like this project will be ending with the year. It always seemed too good to be true!
Nonetheless I’m just so grateful that I was able to this at all.

This is a song I wrote with a borrowed guitar during my stay in Carcassonne. It was inspired by a Doors Open trip to Glasgow’s Tenement House museum. I’m endlessly fascinated by the history of Glasgow, and I admit to finding shut-ins weirdly romantic, and out of that combination this song was born. It’s a rough and simple wee recording, much like life probably was in the city back in the 40s.

Also: some photos from recent wanderings! A few from France, and the majority from a hillwalk I did on a whim a few weeks back. When the temperature’s dropped and greens have turned to orange and red, sitting in my flat on a clear day feels like a sin. To assuage my guilt I caught a train to Balloch (we won’t even go into the fact that it took me three hours to get there thanks to Scotrail’s uselessness) and then took a leisurely stroll over hill and through rudely deforested dale to Helensburgh.
Scotland never disappoints.


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